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Song Of The Day! Rachael Lavelle Shares ‘Perpetual Party’. “Desires and lusts, surround our every fiber of being.”

deborah Sheedy

“I began to use my voice in different ways, singing in registers that I speak in and embodying a sense of freedom in timing and shaping. This formed the production which is centred around the voice and it’s interaction with technology. Technology allows the voice to extend, travel and create textures that wouldn’t otherwise be realised.”

RACHAEL LAVELLE grips you in haunting passages, in vocal accuracies, destined to partake on the hidden baggages of your life – hosting injured emotions, fascinating the town-folk in grievous rousings – unendingly and perpetual.

Cinematic and partial to a new kind of atmosphere, ‘Perpetual Party’ is a guised relationship of niche powerhouses in light, and of gainful exaltations.

The Dublin, Ireland based artist continues to carve out a distinct and absolution in the musical landscape of her homeland and beyond.

Spells cast, her perfection in her voice and lyrical expressions is beauty in the most visceral. The song of her heart, hurts, as you are swept up by the undertow – which you cry and boast, of being.

Merging multiple genres and her influences, electronics and traditional string instruments are pumped into new heights beside her and her arresting attitudes towards songwriting.

Complete in all its glory, ‘Perpetual Party’ is another example of her genre-taming and genre-expanding radicalism that codifies a generation, and of the future.

We are of being animals, after all. Desires and lusts, surround our every fiber of being, from birth to the last. ‘Perpetual Party’ is a ‘celebration’ of such natural urges, in the cold hard world in which we resided.

Romantic to the core, Rachael, delivers with astounding amplitude and subtle empowerment.

The track was mixed and co-produced by Rachael and New Zealand engineer Alex Borwick. It was mastered at RedRedPaw by Antony Ryan.



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