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Song Of The Day! Rachel Angel Shares ‘In Low’ off of upcoming album ‘Not Enough’.

Her upcoming EP ‘Not Enough’ will drop soon. And it’s a good thing. We’re in the mood to be rescued from this rocky island we’d once called haven. Where working and the downtrodden hearts break open like waves on the rocky shores. The continents divide and it feels right, he said. Wasn’t true, but it feels real. Rachel Angel’s single ‘In Low’ is right up that forbidden alley, of gulfs of emotion.

The alt-country / indie-rock-folk artist from Brooklyn, brings forth the feels and sticks it right on that white, pasty refigerator doors. Reminding all of us before going out the door, that life isn’t that bad, but could be better.

Don’t forget to bring home the non-fat milk.

The country ambience is fantastic in its Brooklyn style glory, and it’s digestible as it is beautiful to listen to. Angel’s lazily confident and pretty vocals warm you up for the travel forward, like a mother’s comfortable rub of your 2 year old stomach ache.

She loves you.

It’s tough out there. Take a deep breath.

“I was trying to piece together my family’s troubled past, and also trying let go of a painful heartbreak — all while overcoming the hurdles of being new to a big city that was hard and unforgiving. Those journeys to Coney, the long train ride there and back and the drama of making such a pilgrimage felt like a right of passage to me as an artist, and ultimately reconnected me to my inspirations. The lyric ‘I carried you up the avenue’ is a testament to walking up and down the long avenues of New York with your broken heart in your hands and the weight of the past on your back.”

‘In Low’ is our pick for Song Of The Day, because of its low light, high light of its lyrics and beautiful progression. Rachel fell in love with the country genre and we’re loving that she had. For, the restraint magnetism of the story telling, fulfills our day’s need.

Our fuel quota has been quenched.

The EP ‘Not Enough’ drops April 27, 2018.

We love the single Rachel.

Kudos to you.

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