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Song Of The Day! Rachel Kerry ‘High’ : “Can you feel this E – NER – GY”.

Rachel Kerry

Chilled out, alt-pop beauty of a bop is ‘High’. Crafted and wielded by radical sorceress of charm, Rachel Kerry, discusses something very serious and sometimes caustic to some of our lives in moments. The lo-fi / bedroom goodness really brings to the fore, Rachel’s ingeniously vibrant colors, framed in a tongue-in-cheek evisceration, while brought to a sizzling audible decadent that is extravaganza to the hilt.

“This is a sexy and sad tune about the intoxication of liking someone but knowing something isn’t quite right,” said correctly evaluating her work. “High’s retro-futuristic sound is one of a new generation of rising pop revolutionaries.”

Rachel’s sound mixes 80’s/90’s pop influence with future-sounding synths and electronic production, and all of it is grand.

Sumptuous and delicious. Indeed.

Her upcoming EP, ‘Obsessions’, continues this story arc, pushing the outer boundaries of the heart and soul – Rachel style.


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