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Song Of The Day! Raélle ‘Sundown’ : Sultry r&b/soulful comforts, pumping soothing effervescence towards you future.


‘Sundown’ brings soulful grit to the masses, with the sultry r&b comforts, pumping soothing effervescence towards you future.

From the bad, the good, and everything in between – the 21 year old from London hits all the right places with this beauty of a track.

Said the artist: “‘Sundown’ is a look a soulful look comparison of yourself, from the discomfort and uneasiness of a flawed relationship to the place you find yourself, beyond.”

Raélle, in the best traditions of the genre, comes at the challenge of communication through vibes, with a gorgeous vocal attribution and the philosophy of construction and arrangement.

Look for even greater from Raélle.


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