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Song Of The Day! Raven Artson ‘notice me’ : Introspectively beautiful in its attempt at solving the existing, existence.

Raven Artson

Following on from a string of highly praised and engaging releases, which have included ‘Crowded In My Heart’ and ‘Seen By You’, LA-based singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and composer Raven Artson now offers his single ‘notice me’.

Said Raven: “I try to save the idea of a platonic relationship by suppressing my urge for a romance and burying my growing discontent with the actual situation: “no dismay, no dismay”. However, my stubbornness is a ticking time bomb that inevitably has to blow. All I really want is my gestures to be seen for their true intent, regardless the consequences: “notice me for what I am”.”

Alcantara leather. Velvety visage. Angular subject. And a vernacular rhythms of love and inner convictions, meld into a soup of lust and composure. The single rightly portrays the mightily unhinged, yet introspectively beautiful in its attempt at solving the existing, existence.

“For this video I worked together with my friends and directors Zachary Bailey and Zach Madden. We decided to shoot entirely on location in and around my home in Los Angeles. From concept to screen we took six months, making this a very personal project. Much like the song’s writing process, this video transitioned heavily over time. It started out as purely metaphorical and slowly turned into a more realistic interpretation of the song’s plot. It was fun to grow as an artist, creative director and editor in this process, learning a lot about story-telling and visual narrative. For me this project confirmed that a lot of times the true meaning of a piece becomes clear over time.”

Gorgeous baritone, mixes with all of the contrasts and delight that unfolds within each word and expression. Raven’s abstract lunge into the forays of life, micro-capsules a moment of time and space, where we mortals can sometimes miss the plot.

Not here. Not now. At least where Raven’s on the case.


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