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Song Of The Day! rclmr ‘EDMT’ : Succulent gem, hidden from the masses, that needs to be heart and loved.


Alec Hurt. Peoria, Illinois. Clear and present danger. For your mind and experimental soul.

Beautifully and fulfilling-ly crafted sound art of his project, rclmr, is a decadent EDM, enveloped in the candied shell of deep house and techno drum/bass. It’s a succulent gem, hidden from the masses, which desperately needs to be heard and then loved.

‘Edmt’ is a track “that’s off of my album ‘Traverse City Rhythm’ (out now)”, said Alec. “This song is the darkest on the album but I chose this one because I think it has a wide range of emotions packed into it, especially in the later half of the track.”

Following up from the more ambient soul of his EP ‘Leaving’, ‘Traverse City Rhythm’s expert delivery and top shelf production is perfect for your traveling emotions. It’s certitude and gainful effervescence, in whole, provides purity of confidence and trance aesthetics in abundance.

Gem. Indeed.

Can’t wait to hear more from this fabulous project and personal expression of craft.


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