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Song Of The Day! Rebecka Reinhard ‘Stamford Hill’ : Chanting understandings of truth, parody, lessons, and emotive battles won.

Rebecka Reinhard / Photo: Vilma Ek

From the fantastically fab LP ‘Whale’ by Rebecka Reinhard, the chanting understandings of truth, parody, lessons, and emotive battles won, stand the test of time in the single ‘Stamford Hill’.

Said Rebecka Reinhard: “I don’t know why I always seem to end up soaked in water when shooting music videos lately. Maybe because the two directors I’ve been working with are Pisces and Cancer (both water signs)… we wanted to capture the feeling of being stuck, struggling to move forward but getting nowhere.

“I’ve got my makeup on, I’ve lit a bunch of candles, you know, doing my best to stay positive and indulge in a new romantic episode of my life,” added Rebecka. Alas, things don’t go according to plan… And as far as the aesthetics go, we took inspiration from the shrill monochromatic colour schemes of the 90’s which I find quite hilarious but which also emphasizes the note of desperation in the song. And is there a fruit more 90’s than the Granny Smith apple?”

Like the past that catches up with the hectic irreverence of the current day, you delight in the angsts and spark of momentary bitterness, to build up your known courage to move on, and get on.

The strength of Rebecka’s vocals, in its mandatory prolong-ment and longing, prides in injecting the good vibes of our own listening relatability.

Rebecka Reinhard is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer from Sweden.

Her heart ever seems to belong to the graces of her lyrics. And in that sense, we all can feel and love, just as Rebecka intended.

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