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Song Of The Day! Rett Madison ‘Shame is a River’ : Commands full attention with irrevocably textured vocals thrust. Melting into the raw.

Rett Madison / Photo: Tess O'Connor

Beautifully deep lyrical stories of Rett Madison is unbelievably grand to witness. ‘Shame is a River’ is more than pop. It’s more than Americana. It’s the pouring heart-sake of a person growing and conquering her demons, doubts, inhibitions, with a battering ram of knowledge, gumption, and exuding energy to better, in all ways possible.

West Virginia born, Rett’s uncanny visions and expressive invocation for the indelible, captures your heart and shears away the angst and challenges of your own life’s little quirks. Strength and poise marks this loving and engaging artist. The 23-year-old Rett Madison commands full attention with irrevocably textured vocals thrust, melted into the raw and consuming performance.

Said Rett: “I wrote ‘Shame is a River’ following an emotional visit with my mother a few months before she died by suicide. She struggled with addiction and her mental health for most of my life and as I got older I began to understand that like my mom, I dealt with anxiety, PTSD, and depression. The song isn’t solely about my experience, but about both my mother and I’s individual experiences with shame and guilt intertwined. At times, I’ve felt like I’ve kept certain pains to myself because I was afraid I would burden people. I’ve come to learn that talking candidly about mental health and being open about what I’m going through can be very freeing and helps keep my head above the water. I’ve also worked with a therapist for about a year now and hope to continue on that path.”

“Going forward with my life, I hope to write music that encourages mental health awareness in memory of my mother, Jacqueline.”

Great music. Great notion for lyrics and story. The future is resoundingly and irresistibly impending, with all of the accolades she deserves. And with the best traditions and intensity of artists like Joni Mitchell and Linda Ronstadt, Rett delivers new worlds for you to delve and absorb.

What a great song. Full stop.

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