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Song Of The Day! Riarosa ‘Change’ : An uncanny depiction for love and loss and everything in between.


“This song promotes a positive change in one’s mindset after going through difficult times. It has a triumphant uplifting feel. Surfy guitars over a driving groove. Soft vocals interlacing with whispering harmonies and guitar flourishes.” Indie/Dream Pop band from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Riarosa will lift you up into a reverb-drenched dream and gently set you down into a groove. A melting pot of influences has created the sound that is Riarosa.

It began as an improvisational trip-hop trio formed by drummer J.T. O’Neal. With the addition of singer/guitarist Maria Rosa Gough and guitarist Jacob Stanley, the group quickly evolved into a more concrete form. Adding even more dynamic creativity to the band were bassist Jeffrey Livingston and keyboardist Aaron Dupre. Riarosa continues to grow and make music that hopes to create positive vibes.

An uncanny depiction for love and loss and everything in between, the gusts of ambitions, unadulterated in sin and triumphs come forth in a production that is so very beautiful to ingest. From Maria’s shimmering vocals, sharing its light upon the grassy plains of the instruments of her cohorts, combine effervescently and fervently towards a trip of sanity and maybe, invigoration. The amount of RUSH-like progression, mixed with The Cranberry’s vibe and level-heft, grips you with ump-teen revelry.

Maria Rosa Gough, Jacob Stanley, J.T. O’Neal, Jeffery Livingston and Aaron Dupre, makes this real.



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