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Song Of The Day! Richard Hummingbird ‘Keep Us Up’ : Enviable sophistication for their art. Atmospheric affection and cosmic love’s adherence.

Richard Hummingbird

Richard Hummingbird’s debut single, ‘Keep Us Up’, renounces convention and propriety and the roles that they play in the coming-of-age narrative. With a broad Bon Iver-like lyrical perspective and an aesthetic grandeur that is reminiscent of The War On Drugs, the duo have taken insular bedroom production to its absolute extreme.

The Sydney-based indie-rock duo address the universal motion of reaching one’s mid-twenties and feeling the weight of adulthood settle in.

Through sweeping lyrical strokes, Joel Osborn (vocals and guitar) and Toby Anagnostis (drums, guitar and bass) brings beauty of sight and sound, drumming up consolations of emotive resonance with the pang-ing remittance of atmospheric affection and cosmic love’s adherence.

The duo are no strangers to Australian and international touring for their other projects (Letters to Lions and Butter Bath) have together accumulated over 3 million streams, with an enviable sophistication for their art.

Look for more from the fabulous duo.


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