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Song Of The Day! RILEY PEARCE Shares ‘If I Knew’ (Single & Video). “Maybe Then I’d Still Have You…”

Beautiful Song. Beautiful Video.

Regrets, mis-givings, mis-steps, ignorance, carelessness – what has been done, has been finalized. The institutional harpings of selfish aggrandizement, gets in the way of what is important, sometimes.

We love, then we forget.

We recognize, then we dismiss.

We care, then never look back to see where they are.

Where she is.

What she needs.

From you.

From the relationship.

Then it’s over. It’s over. In the fog, you never recognize the symptoms bubbling underneath.

The rubber band snaps.

RILEY PEARCE’s single ‘If I Knew’ describes the aspects of what some of us go through. Telling the story of the after-math of that end, he poignantly and utterly successfully expresses the joy, the love, and then the devastation of what slipped through those fingers.

It’s a cautionary tale.

Let’s all be mindful of what we HAVE and not what we DON’T.

His newest EP ‘Eastbound’ is available now.

“I wrote If I Knew about 30 minutes before leaving for a gig. I still didn’t have a second verse for it so it was finished in a porta-loo 15 minutes before I hit the stage. We recorded that song in Melbourne with Hayden Calnin in between 2 weekends of shows and it came together so naturally that I decided to record the whole EP with him.”

“Unintentionally all of the songs on Eastbound ended up being about a series of different relationships I have in my life. Some with friends, some with my family, my partner, and the passing of my youth. I recorded the EP with Hayden Calnin & Andy Lawson at Debaser Studios and there’s a noticeably and more definite focus to the production this time. That was a huge part of bringing Hayden on board, I wanted to really bring people into the songs and make them visualise, reflect and daydream about their own relationships and what they meant.”

Director Georgia Nottage made the song come to live visually, with actor Reed Luplau completing that mission with beautifully expressed dance.



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