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Song Of The Day! Ro Shares ‘Diary’. Lessening The Impact Of Life’s Passions.

‘Diary’ is this succulent pop song that is so very juicy and delicious to drink or chew or just absorb. Like the proverbial air down by the sea shore, the refreshing wafts of the stimulating salty fragrance – wave after wave – delights.

Song of the Day!

With this single, we got a notion that RO wants her song’s protagonists to be recognized; she want them to be scanned; she wants their colorful enactments to be heard.

For songwriters, coming to that end process (personal delta) of letting it be heard – personally and to the public – can be jaunting. But in either case it has to be done. RO comes to a fabulous delta for this song, and it emanates the goodness from the mountain springs back into the depths of her personal Ocean.

Her vocals speak volumes for her distinct delivery, and with the lyrical skills she has shown, it won’t be long until she’d inundated with adoring fans and the like.

The melancholic words are sprinkled with a dash of nihilism, which goes a long way for lessening the impact of life’s passions.

We dig that.

RO is a Melbourne based songwriter.



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