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Song Of The Day! Rowe ‘Again’ : Sweeping and gorgeous. Utmost bittersweetness – tasty and decadent.


Sweeping and gorgeous, Rowe’s single ‘Again’ encapsulates in lyric and vibes, with utmost bittersweetness – tasty and decadent.

Said Rowe: “I wrote this song from the perspective of someone who is idealizing a person or relationship who in reality was not great for them. You hold onto the fragmented parts of the memory of that person and start to fall into the ‘what ifs’ and begin to believe it could somehow work again. There’s a sort of struggle between fantasy and reality in your mind. Sometimes it just hurts less to live in the fantasy for a moment.”

Looming in a vacuous intervention, the love of this and that, consciously radiate in warmth and carrying confidence. The r&b/soul beauty of ‘Again’ continues the delight of what this project is all about.

Psalms of dilatable vocals, is an oil painting of union. A union of you, us, the universality of feelings. Scars define what we are, as we trudge through this lifetime. ‘Again’ is that chance to evaluate for the justice that we all long for in secret.

Hope we can find it again.

We must.


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