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Song Of The Day! RUBY GILL Gets Sentimental With Her Beautiful Promise, ‘Your Mum’.

RUBY GILL is a powerhouse of a singer, songwriter, and story teller. Her every inflection from note to note, depicting decisive moments in a story within ‘Your Mum’ is both profoundly admirable and just aesthetically dominant. Her lower toned and strong vocals, slightly contrast the exterior presentation of the ‘demure’ girl of adventure from South Africa. And that exact ‘contrast’ blows your mind, where her deep and rich narration hitches onto her perfect sonic efforts. She wants you to stay a while. She does her best to be accommodating. She keeps the rest of the world ‘at bay’ for a little bit, until the intimate and revealing conversation has closed.

Between you. And her.

Between she. And the world.

Between them, and the bone jarring impacts which succumb and inevitably envelope our daily lives.

‘Your Mum’ is a song that really speaks to us, here at CHF. It’s the complete mini-novel put into musical form. And we can’t imagine anyone else narrating such plight, except for Ruby. Her unique style reminiscent of energies projected by prominent singer/songwriters and performers like Jeff Bucklye and Trixie Whitley.

Ruby carries the world on her protagonist’s shoulder beautifully in ‘Your Mum’.

What a sight.

Can’t get enough of RUBY GILL.




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