Song Of The Day! RYAN EGAN’s Single ‘Won’t You Be the One?’

Ryan’s single ‘Won’t You Be The One?’ is a fabulous start in getting to know this artist. The soulful melodies, colliding, then absorbed by his understated r&b vibe vocals, offers a compelling exposition. All this is up against the backdrop of indie-dream-pop sensibilities that, for us at CHF, love listening to.

Song Of The Day!

It’s the deliberate presence of the guitar strums that make this particular single work the way it does. The vibrations off of the electric instrument, directs the senses and we want to be in front of the crowd.

Ryan’s overall aesthetics sparkle in this single.

The NYC based singer/producer/multi-instrumentalist brings the soulful play that we sometimes need in our daily lives, in our daily interactions, an in appreciation for our lovers.

And that is half the battle.


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