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Song Of The Day! Sam Valdez Shares ‘Funeral’. And I Desire To Be The One…The Only One.

Incantation, destination, your breath breathes into my upper crusted soul. And I desire to be the one, who came to the door of that salutation – beast of a love. The smiles you beam, to my lackluster heart takes revenge at the plights in past which abhorred the masterpieces.

Song of the Day!

Rancor, respite, your death of normalcy breathes into my softened unserved feelings. And I desire to be the one. The one, the only one. Painstakingly rough, on the edge of sanity. I delve into you.

SAM VALDEZ is based out of L.A. and the singer-songwriter brings that malaise and subtle abstinence of ‘the future’ in her single ‘Funeral’. And we dig that to the n’th degree, for the combination of lyrics and the relaxed appeal of her vocal presentation successfully highlights her folk mindset, and storytelling aims.

Sam’s art seems to indicate her overall goals and direction, and we think her form of expression (and the way she has chosen to utilize the individual tools at her disposal) can fit anywhere – whether in a 4 piece band playing in Brooklyn, or at a club in Chicago playing solo.

And we dig that, very much.

We’d recommend you take a gander at her newly released EP, ‘MIRAGE’. It’s not just another pretty faced singer who wants to entice you.

Close your eyes. Listen. Ponder. Listen to her past released singles ‘Other Side’, and ‘It’s Alright’.

The complexity is deeper than you think.




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