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Song Of The Day! Sanja Cin ‘Change in Chunks’ : Civil war and the outright surrender of factions between your head.

See Sanja’s next @ The Deaf Institute for Glowe album launch ( May 23rd Manchester).

Sanja Cin

Delectable and cunning, the sights and sounds of Sanja Cin’s single ‘Change in Chunks’ is a thought prospect for the things that makes us wholly, unholy at times of emotional struggles. A wall of water, in guilt and regrets, surge up your delta of feelings, grotesquely apprising your sense for self and surroundings. “A purge of sorts, must be the way out”, you think to yourself.

If feels kinda nice. The waring factions between your ears, make civil war and the outright surrender of your current senses is the price to pay. The decadence of death and destruction would be the end result; a result that apathetic dictators and groundless leaders of history’s past, would nod in approval.

“Seeing change as a process that happens in parts, it just takes time to understand and integrate,” expanded Sanja Cin. “I’m referring to change on a very personal level, that is usually not straightforward and linear, but ‘chunky’, you stop smoking, you start again, you stop self-sabotaging, you do it again, but with every chunk there is some new perspective. Inevitably this song is about coping with the ‘big’ changes in this world, other people’s and organisation’s decisions, that I am ultimately connected to.”

Sanja’s music is songwriting around pop. Her songs talk about the urgency of life and the ever present resistance towards it, about recognising your own super powers and honoring them by stepping out of the old, over and over again.

Born in Bosnia and Hercegovina, at an early age, and due to the civil war, Sanja and her family found refuge in Austria. After several years spent in Vienna, she landed by surprise in Manchester. Here it is where she recorded her debut solo EP Bees, together with Manchester-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Alan Keary (alias Shunya), in collaboration with musicians from Austria and Manchester.

Her story continues.

See Sanja’s charms next @ The Deaf Institute, on May 23rd in Manchester UK.



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