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Song Of The Day! Sara Yasmine ‘Kom hem’ : You needed it. You wanted it. Somehow – you had longed for it.

There’s no doubt about it. It just feels just right.

Sara Yasmine / Photo: Jakob Ekvall

Deliberate in intention, and subtle by nature, Sara Yasmine’s latest single ‘Kom hem’ delivers with powerful ambience, delicious and poetic credence, predicated to a source for righteous and acceptance; wrapped into these delicately flowering notes.

Sung in Swedish, the intertwined beauty of Sara’s vocals with the majestic fragrance of the Swedish language, opens up with tales of hits and misses of life, but with that jolting vibe of open arms of love and understanding. And as you listen to the voluptuous vocals of Sara, you too are convinced of the power of her offering.

Sara takes a slightly more atmospheric turn for ‘Kom hem’, where her introspective into a subject is more poetic than ever before. Debuting with a more rock-edge, ‘Kom hem’ obviously signals her addition of looking into the depths of life and the methods in expressing such feelings and concerns, through her music. A virulent thread of moxy is cast into view with ‘Kom hem’ as it turns a corner for production for Sara.

And there’s no doubt about it. It just feels just right.

‘Kom hem’ is a study in “grief, change and death”, and when the combination of elements hit the air waves, it soars in its darkness and wariness. The soup of “a touch of desire” is uplifting, and you just don’t know why.

But you’re glad that feeling of contrasts, exists.

You needed it. You wanted it. Somehow – you had longed for it.

‘Kom hem’ is the first single from her upcoming new album ‘Osårbar’ (February 2020), which follows up her album debut of ‘Åh nej!’ (2016).

The project Sara Yasmine, has much more say.

And we all should look forward to that journey.



Sara Yasmine


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