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Song Of The Day! Sarah Gross ‘Passenger Seat’ : Resonating calibration and unfaltering viability of love and its kind

Sarah Gross

From the latest debut album ‘Songs from the Passenger Seat’, a beautiful arrangement of story is delivered by the fulfilling sensibilities of Sarah Gross’, ‘Passenger Seat’.

The title track of the and the ending single of the album, it book-ends perfectly the sultry journey, with Sarah’s inviting and engaging vocals, with her lovingly tailored lyrics.

The words spoken and chosen have no bounds, with resonating calibration and unfaltering viability of love and its kind – ‘Passenger Seat’ is a delicate revelation of the truth within hearts.

‘Passenger Seat’ is a “love letter to the people in her life who have grown with her as she has grown as a person and an artist”.

A thank you letter, that builds into a formidable harmony, pure and beautiful.

Let her work take you away, for a bit, as her musical excellence convinces you.

Get into her album (available now).


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