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Song Of The Day! Sevon Young ‘Sick’ : Honesty. Truth. In touch with his poetic indulgences. All that is needed in intimate shimmer.

Sevon Young

In the best traditions of the best of storytelling singer/songwriters, Sevon Young’s single ‘Sick’ is outrageously beautiful and graciously grand. With in-depth layering of lyrical expertise, each word and vibrant phrases deliver in all that is expected – and then some.

“In a crowded bedroom, and with dusty equipment, the first version of the song I now know as “Sick” was born. With the help of my father, I was able to articulate my thoughts into a medium I could truly be proud of for the first time in my life,” said Sevon.

“At age 16 I was diagnosed with clinical OCD and depression; this song outlines my experience with that. But to be honest, I believe “Sick” relates to a feeling that everyone, even those not struggling with mental illness, can identify with. Helplessness in the face of things we feel we cannot change, and isolation in that no one can understand.

The Wisconsin based artist blurs beauty within the darkness. ‘Sick’ is a view back into a former self, still struggling, but coping better as the earth has turned around the sun. A look into an album of what was desperately wanted – never seemed to be attainable – but now, utterly glistens into new perspectives.

Added Sevon: “Fast forward 6 years with a complete re-recording, and reimagining of the song, and this is what you get. I’m very happy to be presenting this song as the debut of my professional career, and I hope you have as much enjoyment listening to it as I had making it.”

Honesty. Truth. In touch with his poetic indulgences – Sevon brings all that is needed in intimate shimmer.

Look for more from Sevon.


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