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Song Of The Day! Snake Oil Shares An Impulsively Reflective, ‘Dying Of Sunsets’.

If you can think it. If you can be twisted. If you can love. If you can caress. And when the quartet that dignifies the thrust of this fabulously beautiful and curiously morbid band, SNAKE OIL, we party like it was the dawn of a Victorian age ceremony for life and death.

It’s that gut wrenching feeling.

The contextual existence of their latest single and music video (staring the band’s keyboardist, Emily Lee) for ‘Dying Of Sunsets’ is a kind of love-ballad that gets things going on a sexual tone, but in the unique method that only SNAKE OIL can deliver. The ravenous progressive and jazzy instrumentals, vie for your attention, as the subtle and heavy lyrics makes their way through a virtual field of green and tall grass. Just like the protagonist does in the music video, the song envelopes you in a world of hesitance, exposure, vulnerability, and gumption. A distilled offering of purity in affection, is presented in a darkened and (in a weird way) vivacious outlook into an emotional trip.

In to the underworld? Or was it into that far off white light at the end of the tunnel?

Who knows.

The trippy incantations from this single is a flight different from the rest of the songs in their latest 6 song LP of the same name. The LP takes you on that jazzy groove, with dependable layers of complex words that seem to hover in an airy fog, where it seems to cast a bluish glow about 10 feet beyond.

The future is engrossing, and SNAKE OIL knows how to depict that vibe to the fullest.

SNAKE OIL was formed in 2011 with Jason Labbe as the seed, with a collective for a dozen musicians. The new LP was tracked at Brooklyn’s Seaside Lounge by Charles Burst and Jason Labbe.

The current manifestation of SNAKE OIL is maintained by Jason Labbe, Emily Lee, Kelly L’Heureux, and Adrian Van De Graaff.



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