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Song Of The Day! Sonny Elliot Shares ‘Broken Glasses’. “It’s Magical.”

‘Broken Glasses’ makes us melt. We can see that it comes from a culmination of experiences, sights, sounds, and fragrances depicted within the streets of Chris & Joe Peden’s life’s tale. The acoustic and guitar driven remnants of thoughts and catered collages, takes the listener away from here – far away – for a little while.

It’s just like when you see the ‘girl of your dreams’ and you want to be part of her life, her downs, her ups. And just like that ‘girl of your dreams’ you want to be a part of this single – its thoughts, its promises, its past, its new horizons.

You reach out, to hold on to its sleeve, which are ruffled and loose, tempting you to try harder. But it’s just an inch too long – too far for you. You clench your teeth in a desperate attempt.

No go.

“You’re not a failure,” she tells you, as she caresses your cheeks, then your chin. “You had me at your first unsuccessful attempt.”

Then she kisses you. Her sweet breath forever stamped in your memories.

The whispers are ‘shouts’. Feelings are amplified, without any over-arching productions.

This single is magical.



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