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Song Of The Day! Sour Widows ‘Open Wide’ : “What else can it be? Right. That’s it. That’s the ticket.”

Sour Widows / Photo: Scott Sweeney @anti__gamer

With a glint of salvation and adoration, a journey for peace and posterity, lingers with the trudging, life-like gaunt of ‘Open Wide’ by Sour Widows. A profusely earthy gathering of sight and sound by the longtime friends Maia Sinaiko, Susanna Thomson and Max Edelman deliver with distinction and attitude that is palpable and exciting.

With marks of empathy, resolution, opportunities, breakdowns, and heartaches-unrequited, the stories of Sour Widows’ lyrics are beautifully dark and gray. A curled effervescence in which the price for admittance is a ticket willing to ride with the unadulterated waves of this life.

“What else can it be? Right. That’s it. That’s the ticket.”

With Timmy Stabler on bass adding to the ambience in ‘Open Wide’, look for even more from their upcoming self titled EP.


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