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Song Of The Day! Sprints ‘Manifesto’ : A fire to put out; a crisis to manage; a turn-for-the-worst. Glad the Sprints gang is here to help us out.


‘Manifesto’ by Ireland’s own, Sprints, is like the feeling you get when everything can ‘start-over’. With jet-setting rock and irreverently punk iridescence, Sprints offer something that is sorely wanted, desires, and begged-for: that sweet, sweet breath of fresh air that we deserve.

The Dublin based 4 piece is energy at its finest, lyrically dense altruism, and a damning fun-ness that just keeps on giving.

Said the band: “’Manifesto’ is all about control, and the seeming lack of it we have sometimes – control over our own lives, our own bodies, our own societies. Written during the time of the Repeal the 8th referendum in Ireland, it’s a call for equality…”

Things aren’t what they seem. And worse, sometimes that becomes reality, as the world you know is clashing and crumbling around your being. A fire to put out; a crisis to manage; a turn-for-the-worst to mitigate and then nurture.

It’s a series of life’s quirks, all made better with songs like ‘Manifesto’.

“Life can feel like it’s unravelling around you. We see our countries fall in and out of economic crisis, we see the homeless crisis worsen by the day, we see the rapid rise of addiction and drug problems, and nothing is being done about, yet when it comes to telling women what they can do with their own bodies, that’s when people (the bigots) step in and show up? It baffled me.”

Karla Chubb started the project in her teens. Bandmates Colm O’Reilly (guitar) and Jack Callan (drums) and Sam McCann (bass) makes the current band as it is today.

And boy. Are we glad, indeed.

Sprints are one of the more exciting things to happen in indie. Look for more from the band.


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