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Song Of The Day! Squid Cult Shares ‘Rattlesnake’. “Smorgasbord Of Fan-tabulous Goodness…Rock Nougat.”

SQUID CULT is what you need when you want some alt-prog-rock sweetness in your music rotation machine gun. Kick-ass? Yes. Live-session rock-ness? Yes. Weird ass imaginations? Heck yes!

Song of the Day!

That’s what’s so good about the category and SQUID CULT.

Dig this: Mix ALLMAN BROTHERS & GRATEFUL DEAD sensibilities, then add the attitude of Canada’s one and only RUSH, then sprinkle the bad-ass rockin’ guitar elements similar to SRV (Stevie Ray Vaughn – and maybe of his brother Jimmie Vaughan), and then Bam! You have SQUID CULT.

Live ecstasy (without the actual Ecstasy drop) and loads of quinine defeating organic high in entertainment.

Too many drug references?

Have to.

Just watch the music video. Doesn’t make sense (like CHF sometimes is) but drawn in, you are.

“We had a big, elaborate vision for this video. And then everything fell through. We had exactly one day to put something together, so we rented a 1974 Volkswagen The Thing, asked our friends to star, and ran out to Joshua Tree. The resulting romp through human sacrifice, slime, and shaving cream was completely improvised in 20 degree weather. Along the way we ran out of gas in the middle of the desert, lost a wallet, and probably all caught colds. But the resulting video is something we are all extremely proud of. Luckily, we the best team in the world!” – Squid Cult.

We like weirdness just like SQUID CULT. But weirdness doesn’t mean sacrificing of sound, musical prowess. The band has so much to offer sonically, and every bit as exciting. They are their ‘own man’, for sure.


Kudos gang. Kudos.

Their newest upcoming album ‘All Boys Leave Home Someday’ is a smorgasbord of fan-tabulous songs that touches so many (of CHF’s) tender places. The spectrum of light and sound int he songs is wide and deep. It’s a treat.

It will drop August 3rd, and we think you should check out this fantastic & refreshing Los Angeles band.



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