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Song Of The Day! St Joan Shares ‘I Think (you think)’. “Radically satisfying modern indie.”

Down to the nitty-gritty. The alliance won’t stand, divided. Peace is at the ready, once the arms have been drawn down. Sentiments of thought collide in this radically satisfying single ‘I Think (you think)’ from the trio representing their project, St Joan.

A craft is putting your talents, sweat, and love into it. In St Joan, the gang of Daniel Tomalaris (vocals, guitars), Christopher Paine (bass), and Alasdair Belling (drums) certainly can make a heck of an argument that their single ‘I Think (you think)’ surely is that exact ‘craft’ of such existence.

Daniel’s commanding vocals, to Christopher and Alasdair’s thick and burley amplified psychedelic goodness, haunt with drum and bass of another era. With the right touches of reverb at strategic placements, the chemistry of St Joan, wafts through the listening room with flare and un-conventional music wisdom.

Five years of songwriting and soul-searching, explodes with excitement, and we’re sure glad it’s come to this.

“We want to give an anthem to life’s shades and colours,” Daniel described. “We want to put melody and word to indescribable loss and unimaginable joy.” The stories may be individualized, but the message is one that can resonate with any listener.

St Joan’s debut LP ‘Burning Home’ is a menagerie of ol’ school rock, kicked off by modern day excitement, and St Joan’s utterly vibrant take on what music could be.

Based in Sydney they began writing together in 2014 forming their unique sound as they performed throughout their cities venues and bars. It wasn’t until April 2017 that the trio united under a common name ‘St Joan’ in order to flag a new season of their career and a new color to their music.

Like the years of the early years of Kings Of Leon, St Joan’s music and philosophy towards it, is palpable and waiting to be spread around the world.

We’re doing our little part.



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