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Song Of The Day! Stephanie Cherote ‘Summer Love’ : Delivers with thrust and ambition, to which your heart will benefit in grandeur.

Stephanie Cherote / Photo: provided by artist

Haunting revelries, dot the nerves of a soul in search. In search of the magnificent. The ultimate. The unattainably beautiful. The indelibly poetic surge of Stephanie Cherote’s single ‘Summer Love’ expands from generation to generation, expressing the hardships and contained exultancy in love, betrayal, confusion, and palpable angst. The songs reveal the commentary that simmers within the depths of one’s existential restlessness; chewing on language that reflects, condemns, disowns, reclaims, and reconciles.

It is a body of work that wears a prominent human stain, punctuated by intuitive nuances and an emotive reaching-for. A thoroughly rewarding aural experience and beacon to the perceptive, poetic-spirited listener.

“It conjures the poetic essence of Leonard Cohen & the melancholic atmosphere of a 60s chanteuse; Nico or Maryanne Faithful,” said Stephanie. “Recorded at Australia’s iconic studio; The Grove with a 12-piece orchestra consisting of Australian Chamber Orchestra players.

Written during Winter in New York City where singer/songwriter took refuge in East Village cafes whilst writing her debut album, ‘Some Holy Longing’ (October 2020).

Stephanie’s “vivid lyrical tapestry” and sonic atmospheres, delivers with thrust and ambition, to which your heart will benefit in grandeur.


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