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Song Of The Day! Strange Cages Shares ‘False Prophet Death Waltz’. “Feel The Odd. Feel The Goodness.”

Yea. STRANGE CAGE. For sure. And we dig it like, fresh, right out of the over souther apple pie. Eaten in a bowl of milk. So good.

The analogy is that the output is seems ‘odd’. But in all, it’s ‘scrumptious’.

STRANGE CAGE fits that bill, with their single ‘False Prophet Death Waltz’. Listen to it. Take a second listen.

The drama is within the slivers of ‘between the lines’ with which you must deal. It is a big request, for STRANGE CAGES is somewhat of a heavy lifting for your normal musical senses.

However, it’s totally worth it. Your efforts will be well rewarded.

This single is odd, odder, oddest in every note that they pull forth. And the boys from Brighton (UK) makes it look simple. We haven’t seen them live, but we bet they are fabulous in their ‘element’ of choice.

That’s what we hear.

And you should come on board.

Don’t let the costumes deflect ya.

They just enhance that niggling feeling you have deep inside, to blossom, to a different beat.

Just like southern apple pie, this is good sh*t – as they say.

On August 30th, they will be playing @ Deadbeat Disco: Dr Brian’s Magic Gong Salad (Brigton). We can’t be there, but you can.



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