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Song Of The Day! Strath ‘Special’ : Spikes with vibes that churn as it soothes the most irreversible.


Strath’s music is that coming of age music, of the now. It’s nu-angst, crest fallen and decadent vibes that takes you from here and to your life as it was back then. Those memories of kindness, happiness, greener grasses that defined your library categorized vault, cascade into reflective glass, broken down by the essence of thought and forbearance.

A guilt trip of the most wanted.

A deliverance of pop most regarded.

Strath is a defining moment; a milestone in life of your best attitudes.

Imagine you’re in a different car (with a roof this time) driving through a nighttime cityscape, with neon signs and flickering lights penetrating through the rain and the darkness. Strath is the soundtrack to this scene too. The range and intensity of emotions that Strath portrays is the most impressive aspect of his work.

Originally from Melbourne, Strath graduated from Harvard before moving to Los Angeles where he seeks to test the boundaries of psychedelic pop. Artists like Frank Ocean, Jamie XX, and Kevin Parker have played a large part in influencing his unique pop sound.

Gargantuan originality is the cornerstone of Strath’s emotionally driven synth and pop yearnings. They define his art, whilst it defines our listening hearts’ desires. A relevance of the unhurried, ‘Special’ spikes with vibes that churn as it soothes the most irreversible.

Strath out does himself in this single and its accompanying music video.

We’d recommend listening to his list of single, now.

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special music video out april 7th 🧑‍🦱

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