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Song Of The Day! Strawberry Mountain Shares ‘Set Back the Clock’. What A Way To Gaze Into That Neutron Laser.

Strawberry Mountain’s single ‘Set Back The Clock’ is kinda like looking at a laser blast directly into your eyes. You are blinded (for sure), but not because of the laws of Physics. No. It’s because the ‘gaze’ into your soul is so dang naked, and wants to get out and dance. Dance like David Bowie.

Song Of The Day!

Yes. Dance.

It’s not a ‘danceable’ song.

It is.

Seek deep into your inner being.

‘Seek it’!

So, is this it?

No. It’s the one next to it. On your left.

Oh. Gottya.

The guys in SM comes from the hills of ‘college’, and has been doing their thing ever since. And now, they’re ready to do the next level sh*t. From our perspective, we think they have such talents that they’ll go a long way. The flavor is tasty. Their licks are definitely DIY. But sophistication of the ingredients make it delectable.

Band Members >> It’s Huge!
Carter Prince – Vocals/ Guitar/ Synths/ Electronics
King Dawidalle – Upright Bass
Noah Colbeck – Drums/ Percussion
Jonathon Dugger – Guitar
Connor Johnson – Upright Drums/ Electronics
Francis Rowland – Organ/ Vocals
Brian Wall – Synthesizer
Savvas Matiatos – Electric Bass
Mikey Prince – Vocals/ Piano

They say a new album is on its way. But we can wait.



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