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Song Of The Day! Studio Electrophonique Shares ‘Jayne’. “Sophistication without saying so.”

James Leesley is the solo project named STUDIO ELECTROPHONIQUE. And within this frame of creativity, James conjures up radical injections of emotions, with galactic sized passions, but presented through a beautifully laced and sultry package. The contents are of sentiments about love and possibilities, which capture a person’s reality and subjugate the imaginations to a limbo of gratitude and thankfulness.

In ‘Jayne’, James brings us a vision of the ordinary. But when looked at in a different angle, that vision can be extraordinary.

“I think there are a lot of ‘Jaynes’ in the world, they’re just hard to notice,” James stated. “‘Jayne’ is fictitious but loves, hates, over-thinks, fantasizes, works, and breaks like anyone else. Writing the song felt a bit like I was invited into the mind of ‘Jayne’ and I had to quickly jot things down before I was thrown out. I wanted the music to sound the way ‘Jayne’ feels. She would probably die at the thought of being mentioned in song but secretly like it.”

What is a perfect being? That’s up to the eye of the beholder. It’s a hard question.

James, through ‘Jayne’ manages to deliver a song that is both perfect in its capabilities in describing the exercise of seeking that ‘perfection’; and at the same time, cementing itself, as part of that ‘perfection’ as well. It cements its nobleness with pizazz without being brutish and announces its sophistication without saying so.

Added James about his project: “STUDIO ELECTROPHONIQUE allows me a more introspective, vulnerable lyrical approach. The words don’t have to introduce themselves to anyone before being in the song, so they could just be themselves. This has been the most natural and satisfying way of writing songs.

We at CHF will look forward to James’ upcoming album ‘Buxton Palace Hotel’ when it drops this coming September.

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