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Song Of The Day! SUAD ‘Faces’ : Phrases and parrying understatements, get your heart pumping.

SUAD / Photo: Riku Pihlanto

Exciting, nostalgic, 80’s tinged, future imminence. SUAD’s latest ‘Faces’ is the single that is included in the upcoming debut solo album, ready to drop on November 2020. “The song is about growth, deeper understanding and getting back to standing in your own power.”

Finland based multinationally talented singer-songwriter, SUAD, relapses our minds with thousand shards of memories of kind that we dwell with affection. A memorial of empowerment and understanding, ‘Faces’ is of our current state of attention, but of the exact moment of realizing that we all had the power to move mountains, after all.

SUAD’s background consists of years of working with a variety of domestic and international bands and projects. Working on her solo career has been a slow trek towards the debut album, a long journey through various experiments to find her voice as a composer and musician.

“I’ve been in many bands that at first I didn’t consider myself as a solo artist, I wanted to write songs with others. But after I moved to a new city to study music I ended up on the path I am now. I found myself on my own, so I began writing songs alone”.

Effervescently significant, and earthy in her lyrical composition, the assassin of phrases and parrying understatements, get your heart pumping.

SUAD’s vocals get you heart pumping, indeed.


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