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Song Of The Day! talker ‘Learning the Feeling’ : Freedom from self induced malice and shackles.

Exalting and liberating.


The evolution of talker, the grunge-pop project of Los Angeles based Celeste Tauchar, continues to open eyes and ears to her fantastic excitement and refreshing allure.

“When you’ve been holding in your feelings for so long, sometimes you have to finally scream them out. That’s what “Learning the Feeling” is for me,” highlighted Celeste. “The musical exploration of finally being open after years of hiding behind my anxiety. In ‘Keep Me Safe’ I was holding my breath waiting for a moment of truth. ‘Learning the Feeling’ is that moment.”

Celeste started out playing bands and most notably with pop band FRENSHIP. Her thirst for experience and knowledge bloomed as life exercises at venues and festivals like Red Rocks, The Bowery Ballroom (NYC), The El Rey Theatre (LA), Lollapalooza, and Outside Lands.

‘Learning the Feeling’ is a continuation of the story in her EP included single ‘Keep Me Safe’, which is a vacuous and amorphsc vision into deep seeded hesitations and prglongments. In contrast, ‘Learning the Feeling’ is now the gumption to take control and determining of the future.

talker debuted with her EP ‘Horror Films’, which featured collaborations with April Bender and Dan Sadin, production from Sadin and Phil Simmonds, mixing by Mike Pepe and Jesse Ernster, and mastering by Dave Harris. And in her debut, a poppier veneer, inherently hinted at the upcoming new singles that ultimately expressed the deeper questions of living and the moments that are perpetual harbingers of restrictions. From the within and the without, talker’s descriptions invite discussions for the self-enticed maelstroms that inhibit thoughts and emotional processes.

“I wrote ‘Learning the Feeling’ at a time when I was ready to really open myself up and be true to my feelings,” continued Celeste about her latest. “My cowriters were in similar places of needing to let out some sort of heavy emotion, and we all knew that the only way to do that was to show them at full force.”


‘Learning the Feeling’ is an exhilarating semblance for becoming untied to the facts that tie us down. talker electively pursues this human relegation, into a song that is exalting and liberating.




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