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Song Of The Day! Thalo Shares ‘Without’. “Howls with ambition and brow beating empathy.”

THALO is Jack Harbo. And the Brooklyn based one-man project exemplifies what it means to delve deep into the soul of a musical piece.

Along with his sister, Paige, the duo combines often to collaborated about and explore the nuance of having been surrounded by music throughout their lives.

In 2016, Jack picked up a guitar. And from it something existential flowed. An energy and gumption to create for the sake of creativity. A validation that he nor his sister deemed much important prior.

But he urge became consistent and pushed Jack’s determination. A year later, he started recording, experimenting, and prodding with the new language of music he dearly wanted forge.

THALO’s single ‘Without’ is a harrowing terms of endearment – a chewed up then refined search for the un-searchable.

Round and round you go, where you stop is the train station of love and loss and everything in between.

Jack’s disparate vocals, distant in pop, but agonizingly near, howls with ambition and brow beating empathy. His voice, coupled with the shimmering bed-room pop guitar work, axes the old and pull apart the roots of that 100 year old oak.

In that forest…

In that forest of mangled limbs and emotional devastation.

The search continues with ‘Without’.

Looking forward to more from THALO.



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