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Song Of The Day! THANDII Shares ‘Another One’. Passions Simmer In Her Latest Single.

Beautiful aesthetics. It starts with a state of mind. Whether a construction within a physical format, or in a more sonic pace, the purpose is to move, and to move you, in directions you’d never thought you might or would.

In THANDII’s new single ‘Another One’, that comes to pass.

The recent signee with Danger Mouse’s 30TH CENTURY RECORDS, the London based songstress and musician, takes us on a small journey of thoughts in indignations, within the framework of a girl, a boy, of us.

Where can we start from?

When can we know we’ve reached that place?

Where do we belong in this sometimes awful world?

The psyche-disco down beat single sets you on a path of passions and ill-gotten imaginations. The price of entrance is low, but the cost to get out is high as the peaks of Mt. Everest. The haze of existentially floating, has no anchors for your desires and passions.

“Another One is written for cruising or travelling, without a place to be,” noted THANDII.

“The song is about infatuation or addiction, particularly between people. I wanted to explore that moment when a person has succumb to the influence of another, and it has a powerful effect on them, but they’re completely unaware of it – or maybe they are aware of it but don’t want to accept it’s change on them. I’ve been caught off guard like that before.”

“Maybe it’s that moment when you’ve met someone, but you don’t know how much you want them, or if they even want you, so there’s this cat and mouse thing that happens or some weird power struggle – playing games where no one ends up the winner. Then signals are misread or misinterpreted and snowball into bigger feelings that come out in spectacular ways that might surprise you and those that know you. The song is set in the immediate aftermath of one of those outbursts, where you’re left with your head spinning asking yourself ‘Wtf just happened?'”

THANDII’s on her way with her second EP ‘Another One’, which comes after her debut ‘Forgetful’, in 2017.

Her jazzy, disco-y, retro-future music jumps from near and into infinity. She’s evolved and tapped into something wonderful.

And we dig that.




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