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Song Of The Day! The Ceiling Stares ‘Thank You For The Panic’ : An art piece, offered in pieces in song, as a puzzle for our hearts to put together.

The Ceiling Stares

Raucous, vibrant, diligent, and observant, The Ceiling Stares’ single ‘Thank You For The Panic’ brings the tongue-in-cheek brilliance back into the graces of living. The living in which we exist, becomes something new and better, as the break-beat pestilence of ‘Thank You For The Panic’ slaps you silly and makes you give.

Said Stephen Patchan, the project’s life-force: “Every generation has a crazy period, and we sure as shit are knee deep in ours,” states Stephen “I wanted to capture the relentlessness of the constant news cycle, gaslighting and absurd turmoil, mixing it in with some personal struggles to hopefully help resolve a collective angst, at least temporarily, so everyone can go back to binging TV in peace.”

With outrageously expressive vocals, respite artistic proposals, and a delicate surge of dynamism – the artist from Ohio, delves deep into song and into another under-sought vestiges of your listening mind.

A non-binding, painting exercise, The Ceiling Stares is an art piece, offered in pieces in song, as a puzzle for our hearts to put together.

Hope and optimism is, at the end of the day, survives in Stephen’s songs. But that task of finding reasons for that positivity has to be earned.

Meanwhile, let’s bop to the beat, like no one’s business.


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