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Song Of The Day! The Krickets ‘These Games’ : We want to fall in love. A truth in love. A truthful love. These ladies will help you do so.

The Krickets

We want to fall in love. A truth in love. A truthful love. These are the feeling you beckon when listening to The Krickets’ single ‘These Games’. The beautiful Americana, gets to the nitty-gritty of what we can’t live without.

You. Us. All of us. Our lives are nurtured with expectations of our futures. Can there be one without the one you love? Can it be as you’d deemed it to be when it isn’t what yo expected it to be?

Doubts and fears, come aplomb. It’s life, ain’t it. Cruelty, to the n’th degree.

The Krickets are a culmination of fascinating and delightful talents of musical excellence. They hit all the right moves, as you fall in love, whole-in-heart and in mind. Two-time winner of a 2016 and 2019 Independent Music Award for Song of the Year in both Folk and Alt Country categories, the band’s music is a genre-bending Americana cocktail steeped in their signature folk harmony. Muscles Shaols producer Ben Tanner of Single Lock Records helped them find this sound on their 2016 debut Spanish Moss Sirens and Nashville’s Sam Ashworth (Joy Williams, Lone Bellow), helped them dive further into it on their 2018 sophomore LP, ‘Redbird’.

So. Let’s fall in love with The Krickets. Even in our turbulent personal lives. Life will be better.

You’ll see.

This gorgeous single belongs to Emily Stuckey, Lauren Spring and Rachel Grubb.


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