Song Of The Day! The Long Way Home Shares ‘Throat Rot’.

Annandale, New York originating band THE LONG WAY HOME comes up with a dang fab of a song named ‘Throat Rot’. The band consists of Jeremy Coppola, Emily Tomasi, and Jacob Cummings. And when the trio gets their thinking musical caps on, we thinks it’s gold.

‘Throat Rot’ is a mistaken identity of a song, that isn’t the loudest or the fastest or the most growling of indie-punk offerings. But it has this ‘thing’ – and ‘aura’ – about it that just exudes with confidence and excitement.

Starts with Emily’s vocals and its understated enthusiasm. It vibrates with all of the fixin’s that cultivate with a gigantic heave, where it resides in candor and honest to goodness vibrance. The seemingly driving vocals is emotive and succulent at the same time.

Then there is the support instruments from the rest of the gang, and the slacker-rock vibe comes forth just enough in ‘Throat Rot’. And with that, the trio galvanizes that ‘aura’ we mentioned, with gusto and gumption. That hue of contrasts are maintained throughout the song, making it so very talented and easily digested.

Emily stated about ‘Throat Rot’: “I got really gnarly pneumonia coincidentally after a betrayal from a friend; this song’s about that! I’ve always loved old country and blues music so I wanted to take that love and channel it into punk instrumentals.”

You see what we mean? Gold from actual throat hurting illness is fab in our eyes.

‘Throat Rot’ is part of their newest EP ‘As Usual’. And with it, Emily’s fantastic baritone keeps us entertained and humming. All while her musical partners in crime, keep the party in the straight and narrow.

The band is a delight.

Dig the flavor. Dig the simplicity.

Just dig it.


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