Song Of The Day! The Magnettes ‘American’ : Beautiful, decadent, and it’s a Swedish pop celebration.

The Magnettes

You listen to ‘American’ by The Magnettes, and you want to just fly. Fly away into the wilds of an open ocean, where from 10,000 feet above, you can see the pounding of waves. Longing for heartfelt emotions, the chorus of ‘American’ is beautiful, decadent, and oh so very Swedish pop. It’s a celebration.

The Magnettes consists of front duo Rebecka Digervall and Sanna Kalla and producer Tomas Bäcklund Tuneström. And with ‘American’, your back tingles and your smile get larger, as the gripping anthem surges through your veins and excites you all over.

“We have a problem with America. Or maybe with ourselves. America is the things we love and the things we hate. Since we were babies it taught us what love was and how to live the dream, and like junkies we swallowed it in chunks. Dylan, Denny’s and Dawson’s Creek, the twists and turns of teenage drama, extra salt, extra sugar. We viewed the world through that filter and plastered American Romance on our surroundings, until slowly but surely we realized what we already had was kind of OK too.”

Pop music is one of Sweden’s major cultural exports and over the years it has given us a wide diversity of talented artists such as Robyn, ABBA, The Knife Lykke Li, Icona Pop, The Cardigans, Swedish House Mafia and Zara Larsson.

Ten hours from the hit-making hub of Stockholm, above the Arctic Circle where the sun doesn’t rise during winter, lies the sleepy town of Pajala, home to 2000 residents…and The Magnettes, a fearless 21st Century fuck-pop trio who think ugly and weird is cool and that the patriarchy needs to be crushed.

“Since we were babies we lived through our TV set. Growing up in a remote small arctic town in Sweden, the way out was American movies, music, sit-coms and reality shows. It taught us what love was and how to live the dream, and like junkies we swallowed it in chunks. The twist and turns of teenage drama, cute narratives and noble ideals that real life continuously fails to live up to. But ‘American’ isn’t really about America at all. It’s about finding that rush, having that runaway ride-or-die feeling in your shitty hometown, abandoning that last shred of romance for a taste of the real thing.”

Like any relationship, it’s the sweet and the sour. One cannot be satisfying, without the other. And in ‘American’, the criteria is more than amply applied, as the ABBA-like harmonies from the band, shimmers and delights your fiber of being.

It’s looking at others. It’s looking at yourself.

It’s life.

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