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Song Of The Day! The Murphs ‘Casino’ : Beautifully contradicting, infinitely textured, and solemnly invigorating.

See them live next @ Vinyl at Center Stage, Atlanta Georgia on December 20th.

The Murphs

American roots. Rockin’ folk. The Murphs come from the land of Atlanta Georgia and is built around the talents of Austin Coleman, Katie Coleman, Cody Marlowe, and Rob D’Angelo. Beautifully contradicting, infinitely textured, and solemnly invigorating within the construction, their single ‘Casino’ is a fabulously poignant and melancholically exuberant take.

‘Casino’ is the lead and title single off of their newest full LP, and it flows and swivels with the winds of change and life – as it passes gleefully. It exalts the delivery styles of Pink Floyd, and explodes in your brain in imminent impressions and delight. The vocals calling upon the ghosts of performers like David Grey and Hank Williams’ in the vibes, it is expertly performed by Cody’s contentious and rebellious country-rock vocals (the band switches off lead vocals between Austin and Cody, primarily), to maddeningly decadent results.

The song remains in your mind. It becomes a part of you, as it takes up your challenge.

In 2017, the four friends came up with the band name after visiting their favorite dive bar; Murphy’s Tavern. Claiming to be regulars of the joint, “The Murphs” were born. Their sound is made up of raw tones, upfront harmonies, and intriguing lyrics rooted in the style of country rock, blues, and folk.

Indeed, the band brings a high energy to the stage every show in the expression of honest rock-n-roll. The Murphs is what a proper live band that satisfies on that Saturday night. They entertain, and rock out with their audience with the best of ’em. We think life is deeply appreciated by the quartet, and that sentiment bleeds out of their genuine enjoyment for song.

The Murphs should be a band in your rotation, whether live or on your playlist.

See them live next @ Vinyl at Center Stage, Atlanta Georgia on December 20th.



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