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Song Of The Day! The Northern Belle ‘Gemini’ : The feeling of belonging, love, empathy in tragedy, makes you smile inside and out.

The Northern Belle

In the current tidal wave of misfortunes and misdeeds that exist, we sometimes, as human beings need that sense of levity and goodness. With The Northern Belle’s single ‘Gemini’, the feeling of belonging, love, empathy in tragedy, makes you smile inside and out. The single’s effervescent delivery, in tone and lyrics, beautifully survey our modern world, and reminds us that it will be alright, once again.

The Northern Belle’s sound in 2020 is inspired by contemporary acts such as Erin Rae, Kacey Musgraves, Phoebe Bridgers and Marit Larsen, as well as legends such The Beach Boys, The Byrds and Glen Campbell.

The Norwegian septet has been one of the pioneers of the Nordicana scene that has been gaining momentum in the US the last few years. Fronted by prolific singer-songwriter Stine Andreassen (also of folk quartet Silver Lining) and armed with pedal steel, slide guitar, lush harmonies, a string quartet and their secret weapon, the Norwegian Hardanger fiddle, The Northern Belle have developed their own unique brew of pop-oriented americana and folk music.

Built with the talents of Stine Andreassen, Yngve Jordalen, Bjørnar E. Brandseth, Johanne Flottorp, Ole-André Sjøgren, Svein Inge Bjørkedal and Marie Tveiten, the band’s classic interpretations shine like the dawn. A purified emblem of a tale of the best we could be, the swirls of smiles and warmth amplify with ease and comfort through their Universally embraced vibes.

So. Let’s all feel a bit better with ‘Gemini’.


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