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Song Of The Day! The Nova Darlings Shares ‘Holding My Breath’.

Discovering the nitty-gritty about yourself is a hard and maybe, dirty business. Honesty is a hard thing to come by, where it’s really easy for many. But at the same time, very difficult for others to accomplish. We wear masks, privately – towards our loved ones and lovers – plus, during our interactions with strangers and colleagues, living in this world.

Song of the Day!

The journey is for honesty.

The journey is for building a higher self-worth.

Many time, life relationships get in the way. The ‘bumps’ of life, some may say.

Large and small, tall and short – the dangling tragedies come in many different sizes and dimensions. The stories are different for every individual, clique, and associations.

The journey continues, as long as you have not revealed yourself – yourself worth – for your eyes to feast and digest.

THE NOVA DARLINGS is a classic indie-alt-pop-rock band that delights on this single ‘Holding My Breath’. Mackin Carroll’s ‘adolescent’ sounding vocals, are powerful tools in the band’s efforts to convey the emotions and (most importantly) the confusion of relationships with these beings called humans. Complex and yet simple, the single is fun and ‘live oriented’. It’s the right kind of Friday night session that (we’re pretty sure) have satisfied many repeating fans of theirs.

The four best friends (Mackin Carroll, Carter Couron, Larry Scaniello, Sara Mulford) brings out a vibe that is adored here at CHF. It’s the kind that just has zero ‘masks’ to scrape.

And that’s a good thing, for we don’t want to do extra work, if we can help it. LOL.

Anywho, enjoy this little diddy.




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