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Song Of The Day! The Rungs Share ‘Trees’. Beautiful Strong, And Enigmatic. As They Are.

The Rungs debuted their newest single ‘Trees’ and the indie-pop-rock band from the wilds of Brooklyn, NY impresses us with fabulous synth and attractive sensibilities. The band is due to release a new EP and seems they’re excited.

As they should be, right?

“It is a short and quirky tune, with an unconventional song structure and a fun outro, packed with synth melodies, distorted guitar and some eccentric vocals. It has a quirky repetition to it, not your usual verse/chorus type of thing! Something to skip around and let loose to..” – Mandy Gurung

Song Of The Day!

‘Trees’ reminds us of our youth, when our most traumatic responsibilities required was in the realm of school work that needed tending to. The pop aesthetics within the single, delights and titillates our senses, washing and laundering the grime of personal day-to-day chaos. Embedding a stake of attitude to what we ARE versus what we WERE, invites us in male/female introspective allegiance, in mind and soul.

And maybe at the end of that search…hopefully…we can come out of it okay.

The Rungs consists of: Mandy Gurung, Diwas Gurung, and Steven Bartashev.

Kudos, gang. Kudos.



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