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Song Of The Day! The Venus in Scorpio ‘Blissed’ : Strikingly familiar, while curiously bypassing the conventions of genre.

The Venus in Scorpio

“‘Blissed’ is a triumph over the struggles of learning to love yourself. Once you learn to love yourself enough to stop focusing only on yourself you’re able to come together with other people and celebrate under the same sun, experiencing each other’s joy and being a part of the universal recovery and evolution of humanity.”

Maxim Faster is The Venus in Scorpio, and the electronic producer / songwriter based in Los Angeles, California makes things happen.

Roaming ambiguously across the spheres of 70s Glam Rock, 80s Goth and New Wave, and everything 2000 and beyond, The Venus in Scorpio’s unique sound captures a sprawling sonic essence that is strikingly familiar, while curiously bypassing the conventions of genre.

The genderless, and self-described “mysterious and moody They next door” first gained exposure after BuzzFeed highlighted their experience selling underwear online to secret admirers around the world.

Their unapologetic message of self-empowerment, liberation, and sex-positivity attracted a following of fascinated bystanders, who were surprised and eager to listen when a music project was debuted.

Heck of a song. Heck of a vibe.

So cool, indeed.


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