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Song Of The Day! The Wants ‘The Motor’ : New galactic dimension opens up for view and examination.

Debut album ‘Container’ is now available for preorder.

The Wants

The Wants are deserving of all of their accolades from their live shows, for there is this visceral edge to their play that translates with utter cadence.

The song was inspired by an epiphany Velding-VanDam had for the spoken word element, while re-watching his favorite movie introduction David Lynch’s ‘Lost Highway’ – a racing pavement level road reveals only white dotted lines shrouded in darkness and David Bowie croons his sinister 90s industrial art rock masterpiece ‘I’m Deranged’.

The band is a trio made up of Madison Velding-VanDam, Jason Gates, and Heather Elle. And when their hesitation for commercial expressions collide with the gushing minimalisms of their songs, a new galactic dimension opens up for view and examination.

The subtle words, chosen carefully, delight with time and space – folding like plump lips of two in love. And in ‘The Motor’, the same kind of examining build of endorphins and testosterone are tempered in to military beauty, to reveal the grandeur of artistic rebellion.

You’re tuned on. And just can’t seem to come back to earth.

See them next @ ALPHAVILLE, NYC on January 18th.

Their debut album ‘Container’ is now available for preorder on Council Records.


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