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Song Of The Day! Thelma and The Sleaze Shares Single & Music Video For ‘Pain’.

THELMA AND THE SLEAZE dropped a single and a music video. The birds sang with love in their hearts’ content. The rhythms of the world, reignited new loves (and old). The Universe aligned with acrimoniously relevant shine.

The ladies just want to have fun.

And they do.

‘Pain’ is a resourceful yet cunning depiction of foxy rhetorics and descriptions for the un-impinging lust for the incapable heart. Emotions are masked by an array of light hearted roastings, upon a golden crown of fire; reliving old haunts of shattered emotions, only to just eek by with some duct tape and sheer will.

‘Pain’ is the first single from the band’s next record ‘F***, Marry, Kill’, and LG (the lead vocals and guitarist) takes all that she and the band have learned through the seasons, and tries to keep it real with themselves, as they keep on pushing their music to the edges of their known worlds.

Garage-psyche and southern-rock tinged, ‘Pain’ is plenty of things that molded through the synapses of LG and the gang’s brains. It is an wall-art of simplicity, but of secret expressions, which we may never know fully in context.

THELMA AND THE SLEAZE is more than you’d ever think. They are more than just gals playing rock n’ roll the way they want. The music, though raw and harsh, takes you by the sidelines and asserts affection and understanding.

Sex, drinks, parties, concerts – all culminate in the lyrics they provide.

There, in that state, we connect.

But don’t get too philosophical. THELMA AND THE SLEASE is a great time.

See them next on July 7th @ El Cortez in NYC.



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