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Song Of The Day! Theo Kandel ‘Older Now’ : To remind us of what could be more important. Or at least should be.

Theo Kandel

Beautiful folk offering of ‘Older Now’ is exactly what you needed to keep things in better perspective. Theo Kandel’s longing is unalterable and embraces like the warmth of the hearth in a blizzard of life.

A mellow folk/singer-songwriter track about: “getting older, moving away from friends and family, and trying to figure it all out.”

Expertly produced. Complete in its essence. Theo’s vocals and top shelf lyrical arrangement, contends with the sharp diatribes of our day-to-day, to remind us of what could be more important. Or at least should be.

‘Older Now’ is a part of ‘Love & Other Complaints, Vol. 2’, a series of releases bound by their production style. Older Now draws on 70s-era folk artists like John Denver and James Taylor and features a layered acoustic production. In contrast to ‘…Vol.1’ (much more digitized pop offering), ‘…Vol.2’ shows the emphatic range and talent for story telling by Theo.

The grand invitation of the love that ‘Older Now’ exudes, you just can’t resist but sway in smiles and nostalgia.

Expect even more fabulous things from Theo.


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