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Song Of The Day! Theo Sayers ‘My Nose Is A Little Runny’ : Place of (1) good vibes, (2) smiles, and (3) license to dance.

Theo Sayers

Kitsch-y charms. Of the times, delight – Theo Sayers’ distinct prog-pop goodness gets you to a place of (1) good vibes, (2) smiles, and (3) license to dance.

‘My Nose Is A Little Runny’ is a fun little tale of a man and his sinus, moving through life, post-Corvid19. Theo’s all aware of the situation we’re all in, but helps to take his ‘zany’ vibes to help us achieve steps 1-3, as stated above. You sure can dance, even if you got some nasally challenges – even if it’s just self isolating near your TV.

Think Theo wants to remind us that we should social-distance, even if you think it won’t effect your own health. Think of the others. Don’t be a twat. Wash hands, wear masks, stay home, don’t go to a ‘Corona Virus’ party.

Anywho. Theo Sayers is fun, in a nutshell. Period.


Theo Sayers was born and lives in Cambridge, UK. Following the release of the electronic pop singles ‘Venezuela’ (released under Black Tibet) and ‘Goddess’, he gained a strong local reputation in 2018 by hosting Theo Sayers & Friends, one of the city’s leading electronica nights. National exposure followed from presenting Old Dreams For A New Age, a show on London-based radio station Resonance Extra. Sayers has also produced remixes for KNIGHT$, Explorers Society and Blue Alatar.

Get in with Theo.


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