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Song Of The Day! Tired Kid ‘Make Time’ : You feel it. That empathy. That warm hibernation of hope and glitter.

Tired Kid

‘Make Time’ is part of an ensemble of songs from Tired Kid. A project of decadent story telling, sullen apropos, and rhythmically absolute in the powers of living and surviving and trying to make things feel alright.

Tired Kid is the work of Thomas Kelly.

Vintage and affectionate, the words put on a show of embrace and elegance, doing its best to cut through the, often, dim and sorrowful forest of the general life.

But you feel it. That empathy. That warm hibernation of hope and glitter within Tired Kid.

It’s the kind of vibe you’d want, when things just aren’t going right.

Enjoy ‘Make Time’. It’s nostalgia, fun, and a small poke at how we’d become.

Look out for much more from this introspective Toronto based artist.


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