Song Of The Day! Tommy Von Voigt’s ‘Could Have Been A Star’ Is Unavoidably Delicious.

Lynn Cappiello

Could it be the nostalgia of a good danceable beat fro a bygone Freestyle era? Or maybe it’s the pop sensation that you feel when the first line of song starts blaring and you are transported exactly to a place of wonder and beauty? With TOMMY VON VOIGT’s latest single, you have the best of both worlds.

Song of the Day!

The song is named ‘Could Have Been A Star’ and it has the earmarks of the most tangible decadence you can, in an indie single: honesty. And in that ‘honesty in spirit’, TVV makes it clear that you’re not alone. Your wish for something new, something retro, and just dang great to move your body to, can be offered.

With a full on dance rendition, and back up dancers to boot, in the accompanying music video, the irrepressible Tommy makes things happen. From the chorus bridging towards the starts, bridged by the delicious guitar solo, and the beckoning calls of the ‘vixen’ voice over, ‘Could Have Been a Star’ captures our hearts with aplomb.

Crossed with vocals likening to Rick Astley and the attitude of Lisa Lisa or Shannon, this song just works.

‘Could Have Been A Star’ is the first single off of TOMMY VON VOIGT’s upcoming debut album ‘Invincible’. It’s a tribute to a decade that will never die. It’s a tribute that delivers in the new voice of TOMMY VON VOIGHT.


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